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...yesterday i got caught waiting for the bus after work around 6:45pm (so it was dark and cold)... a man that works across the street at Parish evidently saw me getting soaked...he offered to have me stand in their waiting area, but i declined because i knew the bus would fly by and pass me... so i continued to wait...as i grew impatient and cold..i said a quick prayer for God to bless me indeed..(the Jabez prayer)...the man came out again but this time asked me if I had an umbrella,...with my sweater draped over my head i said no....he ran inside and came back with a little lime green umbrella...the bus came 5 minutes later...

i nearly cried...i can't believe people are still so kind, not nice but genuinely kind. there is a difference.
I am taking a cue from Gin and acknowledging the do-gooders of the world around me.

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