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 When you see a portrait and it instantly resonates because 
you can almost hear the subjects thoughts through their eyes.
Yeah... that's when you know you've struck gold. 
 Aside from the obvious awareness Nixon has for harmonizing color and pattern,
she is able evoke a familiarity....
With "drawing girls because they're pretty" as the motive
feed your eyes something delicious 
and head over to Sally's site 
to see more of her fantastic illustrations. 

Until next time, 




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A few weeks have passed and I am just now 
coming down from a lyrically induced high
imparted by Solange
If you are a longtime reader, you already know 
my sentiments about and toward Solange...
(For the sake of time I will simply leave the link for your backtracking pleasure). 
Over the past couple of months, Solange has been hinting 
at some form of audio-visual greatness that was sure 
to change the landscape. 
Little did we know what we were in store for. 
Following the overall tone of activism in 2016, 
in order for us to stand up, she had us sit down with 
A Seat At The Table. 

Beginning with the track listing....

We almost didn't need to hear the album to
understand exactly the tone and direction we would
be heading in. Fully aware of her efforts to restore the 
imagery of and in the black community, this was her 
monument and her falsetto was the chisel. 
With tracks titled " F.U.B.U"  "Mad" and "Don't Touch My Hair" 
you instantly heard the frustrations that echo
any standard brunch/water cooler chat/twitter feed by a
black female. 
A fantastic and resounding contradiction is what this is...
so melodic and soft, familiar of love ballads, if you will, 
yet it is essentially a roaring battle cry, pleading for 
basic human respect. 

The interludes: typically the parts one would fast forward through 
in order to get to the meat of an album. 
Except here the interludes are the bones...the marrow really. 
providing all the flavor and nourishment to this
meal which we aren't worthy of receiving. 
With features from both parents 
Matthew Knowles and Tina Lawson, 
providing insight on their individual black experience, 
to Master P's dissection of his hustle and building of his 
No Limit empire, it has been rightfully placed
at the musical alter right beside Lauryn Hill's 
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album.(1998)

Solange blessed us 100 fold by quickly following up the 
album release with visuals to "Cranes In The Sky" & 
"Don't Touch My Hair".  Unless you have been hiding under
a boulder for the past 5 or so years, you are full aware of 
Solange's knack for making any and everything visually 
delectable by simply putting her pinky in it. 
The anticipation rivaled that of 17 year old boys on prom night.
Let's just say it was high.  Leaking still-shots days before on 
her beautifully curated Instagram feed, Solange 
gave us jolts of monochromatic and botanic electricity. 
What was presented can not be digested through reading, 
only consumed through watching for oneself. 

The impeccably styled visuals
feature black men and women appearing 
more regal and desirable than ever. 
Far gone are the images of the stereotypes or the over-sexualization of 
black women. It taps into the norm and the stripped down beauty.
(Surprise! we don't all randomly twerk in the grocery store) 
The men, were firmly present, yet not "hard or coarse" as they 
are typically depicted.
(Surprise Again! Not every black man is a gun toting gangsta!)

If you have yet to listen to the album, 
I strongly encourage you to do your soul some good 
and  treat yourself
to a masterfully produce bit of music.
Your senses will thank you.

Until next time...




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I have taken a much need break from this space. 
To decide what it will be... what it won't be. 
While that is still up for (internal) debate, 
I thought I would go back to the basics and stop thinking so much 
about the space and simple be what I always intended to be for you
an un-earther. 

I recently came across this wonderful highlight of artist 
Tanekeya Word, 
a self professed Contemporary "Afro - Futuristic" Visual Artist and Woman 
comprised of intergalactic afro-dust  .
The chills. The minut details that only microns can capture. 
The hair. The eyes. The palettes.
She instantly became that friend in my head. 
Aside from her ability to channel her newfound maternal role, 
 artistic sensibility and style, 
something she mentioned really resonated with me. 

She talks about being deliberate with her focus on the black woman 
in art, because it is essentially an afterthought.  There is an influx of 
faces that serve as artistic disconnections to women of color. 
The story, the style, the stroke is all the same, yet not ours. 
I too have undergone the same assessment in my work and field. 
There is a void... one that I would love to fill. 
That only happens by carrying likenesses with me. 
(insert my instagram feed compacted with melanin magic) 

I am looking forward to 
plunging into Tanekeya's written work over on Saint Heron
and perusing her collection that continues to celebrate
the multifaceted magic of the Black community. 

Until next time...
xo, Kel 



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It's been a long time coming.
forever girl crush and voice crush...
In all her glory, the video for Been To The Moon is
quite literally a visual feast and leaves much to be anticipated
from her forthcoming album
The Heart Speaks In Whispers due out this May.
Definitely, a more mature being + sound from her debut album,
Not a stretch or unfathomably different....
but, for someone like myself that has grown with her,
And it is more than welcomed....
wild hair and all.

Until next time.



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Alright ladies! I'm back with another easy headwrap tutorial using 
(r-ki-tekt)'s Reign Wrap. You guys seemed to have enjoyed 
the previous one so I figured let's keep it going with 
the Boho Bow.
Let's begin......



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As I was trying to write this glorious feature,
 I had a climbing toddler throwing beads all over the living room, 
a pot of boiling water screaming at me, 
a dryer steaming up the entire house, 
and strands of uncooked spaghetti tumbling behind the stove!
Let's just say this day is going....swell.
(I'm not gonna cry! I'm not gonna cry!)

I tried to escape a bit and retreated to fantasy land aka instagram and
stumbled upon one of my favorite mom do-ers 
Latonya Yvette posing ever so chicly with a plant while moving house. 
First thought was, "Damn it! Now need some funky printed pants."
(update: scored some dope ones at H&M for $15!!! Toe-Touch!!)
Then..."Shoot! I forgot to water my plants earlier!" 
Afterward, "Wow! What an amazing being she is."  
I challenged myself to write about more than a swoon sesh 
about her smile, but it is quite infectious and is admittedly, the thing
that lured me in.

The mother of River and Oak has been a breath of fresh air on my feed for 
a few years now and a welcomed sense of foundation in this blogging world. 
Lending her unique styling tips with a pro-self love undertone and her damn-near poetic takes
 on the reality of motherhood and womanhood are resounding.

She has become this sort of muse for me. 
Whenever I create a palette for my pieces, I present to 
an imaginary panel of women that just get it and have 
Pattexlor magic (aka an eye for color, prints, patterns, and texture. 
She sits beside Solange, Justina, Tamu and my grandmother and 
give nods of approval or scrunched faces of disdain.

Aside from being a urban - bohemian style ingenue, she has willingly
peeled back the layers and allowed us to see (slash read) the good, the bad, and the ugly. 
All whilst staying very grounded and veering away from being commercial. 
I would definitely say check out her styling portfolio for some serious inspiration
and add her blog to your morning cup routine.
(yeah, just drag it on over to your taskbar now and post it note my thank you card for later)

For more peeks at those that inspire check out the
Girls That Do section of the blog

Until next time...




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when youth doesn't disappoint....

Until next time.



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"Trends are fickle, but innate style should be lauded, celebrated, and put on a pedestal."

When you can't pin-point what is phenomenal about something, 
you are typically found gobsmacked. 
That is precisely my reaction upon discovering Marian Kihogo.
Her Headwear.  Her Wristwear.  Her Footwear. Her Everything
is everything.  And she is absolutely correct. Mastering style should be celebrated
because layering gobs of texture, color, and enamel is no easy feat. 

Go ahead and find yourself hypnotized by her. 

For more style inspo, check out my Style Crushes and other Girls That Do
Until next time...



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So... I'm not sure if you know, but I'm a designer. 
Not just a designer, but a lazy gal that loves looking her best. 
I know that last part is a bit of an oxymoron, but it is such a thing. 
Because of this fluke, I decided to create pieces that do a lot of the 
zshush work for me. 
(here is where I introduce the Reign Wraps) 
Quite a few of you have expressed that you loooove them, but are 
too intimidated and confused to actually wear one. 
I figured the best way to calm your wrap whoa's is to give you a 
step-by-step (ah remember that show!!!) 
of how to rock it. 

Let's begin shall we......



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Creative Director, CFDA Award recipient, global style maven, Aurora James 
has catapulted into the spotlight with her accessories company 
Brother Vellies.  Beginning with a take on the traditional Namibian desert boot, James has
created and sustained jobs for local artisans in Kenya, Morocco, South Africa and Ethiopia
by creating a line extension of sandals & boots worthy of the golden nod of approval from Wintor.
Paired with a laid back "oh I just threw this on in 10 mins before heading out the door" vibe 
it is clear to see why James' collection has garnered a cult-like following from other 
style ingenues like Solange Knowles and sisters of William Okpo Darlene & Lizzy, 
who have already completed a collaboration with Brother Vellies. 

To see more from this collection, visit Brother Vellies.

Until next time friends, 



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Black is the new black. Nope not with dresses or shoes --- skincare
Many companies, mass and indie, are hopping on the Charcoal trend as a
method for cleansing and getting those pores squeaky clean and tight.
I figured I walk you through a few of my favorite Black skincare products that
have changed my skincare game forever and a few that I just lurve.
Shall we....

1. Lancome Genefique: 
 Okay, so this product is not technically black,
but the packaging is so let's run with it. k? ok
This miracle in a bottle has seriously changed the texture and tone
of my skin within a weeks time.
No, I am not exaggerating.  My pores are much smaller and my skin appears
brighter (not to be confused with "lighter" or "bleached")
It has a radiance that has me doing grocery store runs with a bare face.
Say Whaaaat?! This was my first dance in serum land,
and while it is definitely an investment,
I figure I only have 1 face so why not splurge a tad.

2. Charcoal Roll-on Blemish Stick:
For those monthly presents left on your chin,
this is the way to go. Handmade by Alex Elle, this roll-on gently attacks pimples
by pulling the impurities in the surrounding area and clogged pore itself without
leaving the skin feeling stripped.
With all natural ingredients like charcoal, witch hazel and essential oils
your skin will calm le-eff down and maybe even buy you a drink.

3. Origins Charcoal Mask:
Ok, so I am die hard bentonite clay mask lover,
but there are some days when you need something that is going to
 tackle those pores without cementing your face.
This mask does just that.
Using it 1 a week (or twice if I sleep with MU on)
re-balances my skin and aids in the reducing of acne and
redness.  It's completely refreshing.

4. Black Beauty Blender: 
If you are into liquid foundation and don't have a Beauty Blender,
stop what you are doing and go rock back & forth in the corner and
contemplate your whole life.
It is seriously the best this that has happened to MU application
EVER. The dups that you may see at TJ Maxx may look similar,
But they are a far cry from the original.  I had the pink one, but to be
honest, with the constant use of darker brown shades, it looks
pretty beat up after a few uses. The black is a great solution, if your
like me and get discouraged by unattractive tools.

5. Boscia Charcoal Sheet Mask: 
Yes, it another mask, but I have zero time for spa facials.
The Boscia sheet masks imitate that experience a bit.
Now I must preface by saying that the texture of this mask
is a bit on the slimy side. The cooling effect (especially around the eyes)
totally cancels out any grossness.  Not only does it help to diminish puffiness it
refines pores to infancy status and leaves you radiant.

6.  Laura Mercier Extra Lash Sculpting Mascara:
You know how you get the best lashes towards the
end of the tube?  Well, this somehow allows you to
get that same thickness at the beginning.  It has a very lush
plastic brush (oxymoron right?) and an intensely rich black

7. BareMinerals Lasting Line Long-Wearing Eyeliner:
Everything a cat-eye obsessed gal needs.
Rich formula. Check
Smudge-ibilty. Check
Stays put after you get the flick & tightlines perfected. Check Check!!!
It's a twist up with a built in smudger sponge AND a mini sharpener.

For more peeks inside my makeup bag, follow along @kelcadet on
Instagram & Snapchat

Until next time,
xo Kel



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Hello. My name is Kel and I'm a sentimentalist hoarder. 
(all chime in: Hello Kel!)
Yes, I hang on to that purse my mom gave me that one time on a whim, 
and that blouse my husband proposed to me in. Better yet, those  shoes that make the arch of my foot look amazing, but I can't even stand 10 minutes in. 
So to combat this... errr...problem, 
I decide to follow in the footsteps of Viviana and create a capsule wardrobe. 

If you are unfamiliar with what this entails, it is basically putting the cap on your closet collection. 
Finding your perfect number of tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and outwear
that will make you and your closet feel stylistically complete.You will rotate these designated items for, say 3 months and change seasonally.Whittle out which items you actually wear affectionately and toss (donate or trash) the ones that don't meet the mark. This is not only to help define your style, but is also to help those, like myself, that get a little Asos/Madewell/Jcrew  happy, 
save a coin or two for investment pieces or down payments on a house. 
( my husband LOOOOVES this plan) 

Since it is the mark of a new year and a new season, 
I figured now is the perfect time to walk through my process and selections for Winter.