the daisies in the chain....

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...a few years ago i attended scad and met some of
the most amazing and talented group of people.
out of the masses, i will highlight the duo of
a year and a day, Gin and Chels ( aka Ginny Branch
and Chelsea Cook). not only did i admire and swoon
every stitch, gather, tuck and yo-yo they made for their
collection, but i couldn't get enough of their
remarkably humble, positive, free personas.
On Gin's blog (http://www.ginnybranch.blogspot.com/) she
enforces the importance of commiting random acts
kindness each day. she stresses how great for the soul
and universe it is to acknowledge gratitudes done for you
by others and visa versa. i wanted to take the time to
thank Gin and Chels for your acts and that, whether they
go unnoticed or are applauded by the greats of society, are
are so inspiring.

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