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a little teary eyed....
i have been trying to update my space...if you want to call it that...
chloe's crib and changing table take up ample space and it doesn't leave me with much to work with.
i have started the walls beside and behind my bed...i have this quatre-fold screen that i picked up at a garage sale a couple years ago... out of frustration and need for morning peace, i have been force to fold it up...come to find out it opened up the room completely... and in turn gave me a free wall to start my collage of random frames....i have been contemplating repainting my room, which is a aqua blue, to an egg-shell....umm just typing that made me reconsider...i think i will stick it out for a while.
these photos just made me sigh a little...how airy is the space...how inspiring would breakfast be in that little kitchen...i love it all...ahhhh

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