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Discovery of the Day...

i realized that i am, in fact maturing... it sounds a little passe to read I'm sure...but it is more of an existential feeling than expected. There was a point when i began dating the hun, where is stated that i don't "enjoy" receiving flowers as gifts from beaus, only because they die and their appreciation tends to be temporary. But in recent times, i have been so captivated with photographs of simple flowers. the spring blossoms and tea roses on nightstands...my favourite wishing flowers (even though they are weeds) Instead of dumping week old roses, i revived them a little. picked off the tea coloured petals and shaved the thorns. i brought them home....to rest on my chest/nightstand....to enjoy the little life they had left in them...because for one moment out of my normally chaotic nights, i can look over and see an array of colour and smell the fragrance and feel a bit of air in my tight quarters...and drift off to a different place.

So now i love flowers...
(A field of tulips)

Loveliest Love List...
Red Velvet Cupcakes
Dove soap scents
recycled rose petals
pigtailed daughters that finally say 'mommy' not mama
(yes, there is a difference)
new toothbrushes

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