laugh...do it til' it hurts

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gratitude for the day:

....today i can say that
i laughed...
with my whole being... inside and out

my boss, jaci and i always comment on our UPS delivery man that never smiles or gives
us any emotion other than the sense of urgency to deliver deliver DELIVER!! soooo jaci asks, in reference to his absence, if has has been on a holiday...he replies,"No, on funeral leave..."
**awkward to the Everest-extent**
not that his reason for being absent was hilarious, but it was Jaci's honest inquiry, and jolly persona
while asking...
Jaci's reply upon his exiting
"Why did i have to open my big mouth?"
It set off a spark of giggles in my stomach....

2nd laugh....

John..."hey, i just discovered something new!!"
Leon Haywood's "I Want'a Do something Freaky To You", is the original track to "Ain't Nothin but a G-Thang"

Hilarious....to me

Loveliest Lovely List

pastel covered milk chocolates
property of...bags
my headbands for spring
LA Made yellow dress
glass jugs for juice recycling
mashed potatoes and seasoned broccoli

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