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May be once the weather is a bit more encouraging, I will set this up...or when all my favourite chickadees are in town at the same time...Everyone who knows the real me, knows that i heart tea parties. i have yet to host one, or even attend a proper one, but i can't wait to do so. in recent times the only tea set i have had my hands on is Chloe Monroe's singing Fisher Price set. (which is not nearly as fab, but it's great practice for her. :) )

Everyone loves Martha Stewart. Why? Because she makes the simplest do-da's seem ingenious.

Both tasty and themed. These "shower" cookies are insanely appropriate for this non-spring-like weather we have in Atlanta. Where in the heck is the sunshine??

Who in the heck doesn't like rock candy?? A dentist maybe, but they don't count. I love how it instantaneously sweetens the look of the party and can loosen up the, sometimes, too serious vibe of a tea party.

The idea behind this one was to have your tea party guest go on the hunt to find an antique tea and saucer set to bring to your fete. It allows the decor to be placed out of the hostess' hands and is sure to add a unique pop that even Martha herself couldn't predict.

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