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Discovery of the Day:
So, weeks, maybe even a month or so, after buying my precious Anlo Skinnies, I have declared a hault on jean wearing. I have worn them almost every day since I got them.
They are so soft, with perfect stretch and fit me like a glove. AND They have a pretty slightly raise bow etched on the back pocket.
I love them honestly, but I can't let myself go like this.
I admit it, I care a pinch less about my daily ensemble when I am with
Chloe all day. She just knows how to wrinkle, tug, stain and drool on all my pretty pretties.
So despite the mini cutie/terror, I will don my pretty pretties
for self upliftment.

The inspiring look. minus the tights chubby vest, because after all my complaining about the cold, its hot as heck in Atlanta

Instead of my Marc Jacob boxers and hanes white t-shirts, I slip on a slinky number a la Elizabeth Taylor.

Instead of the Anlo's, cute day dresses and skirts will suffice for my market and baby store runs.

....hmmm, are pink Madwell's out of the question?? too too cute.

Loveliest Lovely List:

Target's $1 section for scrapbooking goodies

counting 15 month olds (go Chloe)

antique rocking horses that double as piggy banks

candy colored book bindings

Plain Jaines (r-ki-tekt) goodies

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