lovin love and a few pretty things

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I wish my trash truck looked like this...i would meet it out front every tues/fri...no matter what the smell


Loveliest Lovely List:
waiting for the baby Kayla Marie to arrive
honey bunches of oats
chloe said "pillow, and cow" today oh and "i love you "
best friends and brunch
freshly washed and straightened hair

ok now for some friggin lovely photos

Balloons always make things better...don't believe me
Just ask Chloe Monroe
Wedding fantasy ahead!!

Yup...this week sparked an wanting for a carousel and ferris wheel at my wedding... boy i hope we both get hella awesome jobs to pay for my fantasies...poor hun
but can't you imagine...a cotton candy stand...ring tosses...hot dogs and cupcakes...lots of kisses...and music...and daisies...and the stars...me and my hun forever...
Love is the best thing in the world
Everyone should get them a cup of some.
Bon Nuit Chere

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  1. I Just Stumbled Across Your Blog
    Its So Utterly Lovely!