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Loveliest Lovely List:
Successful Bathtime for Chloe
Early Bedtimes for Chloe
Extra time for mommy
blueberry muffins: yup all, i baked em
Toulouse Lautrec print on glass in tres bien framing...for $10
tall glasses of water
large Alice (r-ki-tekt)
Kayla Marie Lyn Williams was finally born on June 16th, and i just love her
strawberry milkshakes
freshly cut bangs

Discovery of the Day:
i miss you
i love you
i dream about
i can't wait to have
all to myself
jokes are funnier with
facial expressions
and kisses are better with actual
contact, sans asterisk
and eyes are more intense when they are not colons
hands feel better when the phone is
put down
and sleeping is better when i actually get to do so

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