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This can't even be possible...The first thing i thought about was Chloe not getting the opportunity to witness the sheer genius of this man that performed so.....great.
it is such a devastation to the world as a whole, not just the world of music.
His lyrics had such a captivating power and ability to link us all and remove any barriers that existed. His movements challenged the theories of gravity

how does this happen?
I mean Man in the Mirror, The Way You Make Me Feel, Remember the Time...I was just talking to my brother yesterday about my first time seeing the cassette tape of Remember the Time. Because it didn't belong to me, i snuck it into my mothers bedroom, played in on low, fell in love with that sound and then rewound it.
I remember seeing Rock with You, and developing such a crush and then finding out that he was almost my mother's age. i was then crushed!!! I got some glitter pants and made peace with the age difference.
Hearing Man in the Mirror for the first time made me cry so hard, but being so young i had no idea why it made me feel that way, but the sound and lyricism transcended way beyond
kitchy bubblegum pop.
My prayers are with his loved ones and all that put on dress socks and tried to moonwalk and crotch grab across the kitchen floor. to those who tried to make your very own glittered glove with elmer's glue and craft glitter i send my condolenses.

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