complexities of the heart

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somewhere and somehow along the way 300 miles became bigger than us
somehow we drifted...i drifted....you drifted
from what was built as a foundation of love and solidity
happiness and comfort, realism and romance
somehow...i fell out of love with you...
somehow you forgot about me
the love is there, but absent are the stolen kisses and interlocking fingers
tangled legs and supportive shoulders,
which have now been replaced by slumped backs and praying hands
week knees and wet pillows
where has this all gone?
Down the rabbit's hole I presume...
someplace where daisies rest in jars and handwritten letters are framed...
down where hidden chocolates lie gutted, and surprise visits are the norm...
I'm sad if you wondered, and angry if you cared...
frightened by the possibility that i have lost a part of us that is irreplacable, yet
hopeful that someday, this too shall pass

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