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Lovelist Lovely List:
Chloe used the potty
cardmaking: thanks Tarjay!
Keri Smith
making decisions
sticking to those decisions
hot wings
blueberry muffins
1st dish of mac n cheese made by yours truly
Discovery of the Day:
i heart listmaking to the enth degree...i have stacks and stacks of post-its and my drawers of jot books runnith over.
sticking to or completing everything on the list is where it gets a
bit tricky. I love finding newness to try (recipes, antique shops, illustration techniques, books to read, places to go) but i never really get a chance to do everything...
Keri Smith has made it easier for me...not by writing all the best restaurants to go to, or where to buy designer shoes at a discount...
but has formulated simple lists to help one willing to participate and commit 100% of themselves to exploration and seeing the world around them differently and with new eyes.

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