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Discovery of the Day:
In eight years I will be 32 years old...Chloe Monroe will be 9 years old...it will be 2017!!!! (weird to say)...i found out that one of my dear friends will be away for 8 years...not for intentional mistakes, but for accidentally taking the life of another.
The saddest part is that his heart is the kindest and overflows with joy and love.
He would ever intentionally hurt a fly...unless it flew on his food.
Everytime I was in his presence, he made the world laugh loudly...
The scary part is that it could have happened to
anyone.Im so grateful all the more for the little things that make up my life.
Whether they make it boring, stressful, happy.
It makes me love more and harder in spite of
differences and mistakes, no one is perfect.
so here is my:

Loveliest Lovely List:
private showers
the sound of Chloe's laugh (trust me, it's pretty amazing)
going outside to pick wildflowers and some preplanted ones
rebuilding a crumbled foundation
sleeping in late, due to sweet dreams
Chloe saying "Jeopardy!" at 17 months old

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