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Inspired by my dear friend Ginny

Guilty Pleasures:

1) Eating grocery store made fudge brownies
(in 2 days)
2)chewing 3 pieces of gum at a time
3)80s prom dresses kinda make me swoon
4)drinking OJ out of a swirly straw
5)Spending 3+ hours reading blogs
6)spending my last few bucks on Vogue, tea, and treats...even though i haven't paid my bills :/ (working on that)
7)waking up at 10 (esp if Chloe stays asleep) and still taking a nap
8)not wearing a bra: i truely believe if you have petite boobs you can get away with show thru
9) Sometimes I lay my head on a photo in a magazine (say Lula or a pic of great shoes) and hope that my life will contain the essence of that photo, all through osmosis
10)Tostitoes and salsa is considered a meal

What are your Guilty Pleasures?

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  1. oh miss kelly! my guilty pleasures got so outta control! my apartment is mad at me so i have been cleaning all day as a peace offering. i wish i could achieve perfect balance...