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Hello all you lovelies....
Sorry for being so slim on the posting front...
not having my own computer anymore
has limited me quite a bit.
I've been wanting to post my favorites from
Fashion week (since NYFW) but haven't had the time
to post or even view all of the shows.
And boy oh boy there seems to be a million
more designers than Autumn/Winter shows.
But Viktor & Rolf compelled me to stop
I was doing to post their amazing work...
and literally my heart stopped a few times
while viewing their collection.

Insanely refreshing and gravity defying huh?
The first image left me speechless...
and kind-of craving carnival cotton candy
(not the pre-package kind you can buy at the grocery store)
Loveliest Lovely List:
Hot Chocolate on rainy days
Chloe wanting to wear every shoe at once
red skin potatoes
Newbies in shoppe
butterfly kisses

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