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reading...hopefully with in the next couple of hours, a new Lula

keeping...track of all of my lovely new customers and my lengthening list of Things To Do

...EVERYTHING!! Fall TV is back and i can seem to keep up. Project Runway, The Hills, The Office, TCM, So You Think You Can Dance, Oprah...oh the list goes on...oh i can't forget Sesame Street and Super Why for Chloe

...to remember to take care of myself. I have been feeling rather unhealthy lately. Sleep deprivation and poor food choices have consumed my life. I must get good solid rest and more veggies on my plate.

... more pretty pretties for (R-KI-TEKT)...my backboard(where i hang finished pieces) is a bit too clear. Also, working on a new pins for charity. More on that in a bit.

tasting...all of the halloween candy at work....yuuuuuummmm

discovering...Lovely new blog Gathering Spriggs ...it's been an hour and a half already...

Wanna play? Just add your blog to the latest J.a.M. post (we play on the 29th of each month) so others can find you. Join in whenever you feel like it!


  1. yay another blogger who loves all the TV shows back on. Ive been on a healthy eating plan the last month and it really does make you feel good!! Ive had lots more energy since eating more fruit and vegies.
    x Liss

  2. Hi Miss Kelly!

    I've just been admiring the rest of your lovely blog.

    I'm with Liss, but it's so easy to forget to eat the right things when there's super yummy looking (aka: bad) things everywhere. Time to surround ourselves with yummy good things like strawberries and dark chocolate (as we know there's some sort of goodness in the dark kind thankfully!)