Pin It Now! Today I am grateful for:

1. for the reminder that random act of kindness are not dead after all...Thank you man at the Post office...your gesture has been imprinted in my mind...bless you.

2. though she has enter her very loud high pitch screaming phase, i love my Chloe...

3. pasta

4. moments to sit on my mother's bedroom floor to gab about randomness and love and work and creativity...i love my mother

5. wrapping up more orders for (r-ki-tekt), business has been lovely----blogging about it, not so much

6. late night bowls of cereal with ice cold milk

7. being able to share my dreams with the love of my life and him believing in them right along with me...

8. the lula magazine short film---Spell (will find the link in a moment)

9. nail polish remover

10. i have been going through a long and time consuming interviewing process...and had to present a collection to the team...stressful i tell ya...but it is ovah...whoooo as of yesterday...so, now the stillness begins...

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