No.2-Morning Boost

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"all happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast..." John Gunther
With inspiration taken from this quote:
I have decided to revert back to an old self.
A self that always took a moment
to eat in the morning.
Having a mini, for me, means that when she wakes up, i wake up,
Even though I am never fully awake.
I walk like a zombie around the house trying to
prepare a finicky eaters breakfast, which is usually sliced grapes or yogurt and OJ.
I pass on the hopes of whipping up a
stack of pancakes or a bowl of cereal and
slyly crawl back into bed.
But this has to change.
As I notice a change and drop in energy,
I have decided to

Weeks Menu:
Cereal: Smart Start and a cup of blueberry-pomegranete yogurt
Treat: Sweet potato pancakes a la Highland Bakery
Shrimp and grits also a la Highland Bakery
Drink: Simply Orange, Odwalla Pomegrante-limeade

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