Ayiti Cherie

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As most of you know already, the country of Haiti, has been severely impacted by a catastrophic earthquake. This deeply effects me, as I am part Haitian...I have ample family members that unfortunately still reside on the island in the effected region...
I ask that you pray or meditate for a moment out of the upcoming days for the uplifting of this nation.
Though many know Haiti as being the poorest country, many don't know how strong the people are and the pride that is poured into Haitian souls...
For information on how to help, visit Wyclef Jean's organization at YELE.
unfortunately out of tragedies of this magnitude and nature, a lot of scammers are on the prowl
so please please use caution when making donations.

Ayiti Cherie, you are in my heart...in my thoughts...in my prayers

A bietot mon petit oiseaux.

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