Contrast: The Row

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I consider my "style" quite feminine...you know
lace, tulle, chiffon, taupe, sea foam. pink, cream

But as I am woman...I have a few different other women trapped inside of me that
every now and then escape and take over my body
be it 50s housewife, 20s flapper, hippie daisy, prep in pearls...the list goes on
(I wonder if that sounded a little coooky; am i alone in that?)

Occasionally an unnamed woman unleashes herself and encases me in a darker, course palette
this woman forgets the sweet little bows and powder pink nails and slips on
towering platforms of onyx layers grey and black wool knit and uniform tights.

Seeing The Row's Debut show (via Style.com unfortunately), I felt that darker
woman rustling up inside me...

The Leather (T-shirt form: WHAT!!!)
The Layers
The Lines
she swooooooooons....

Photos: from Jak and Jil

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