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i don't get the opportunity to share much about my days at work
(besides having yummy cupcakes)
But this morning I met a gentleman named Walt who was so incredibly kind and joyous.
characteristics not found to often these days . Especially while on Atlanta highways.
But Walt just simply said hello, gushed about his lovely family and passion for restoring antique cars. (one of my dreams)...
And get this....
He asked me if i had any grand plans for the weekend, with actually care and focus in his eyes.
very rare indeed.
After sharing my excitement for antique cars and my recent purchase of one
I decided to head back to my desk, but before i left, i stopped and exchanged names.

"My name is Kelly and yours?" i said
"Oh, it's Walt! What a pleasure to meet you Kelly. Have an awesome weekend and enjoy your new car!" he said

So Walt...thank you for gracing me this morning with your genuine spirit that is evidently full of love and peace and pure happiness.

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