"just a minute' march-april

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Reading....Pantone chip books...the side of the cereal box

Listening....to the sound of sound in my car. After two years in a car that didn't have a radio (it was stolen) it is insanely refreshing to hear something other than the my own breathing. I have never been much of a radio gal. Im very particular to the sounds i like around me when i have the opportunity to control them so i would rather make it a pleasant experience than one congested with commercial...She & Him, Micheal Jackson, Santigold, Etta James, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald (always) tons more because I keep my Ipod on Shuffle

Watching....Miss Chloe Monroe's face change by the minute...she is becoming such a little lady and my heart melts when i get the moment to step back and 'look' at her.

Eating....not very healthily i must admit...the other week i had a cupcake a day. which to many, myself including, that would be call an extraordinary week, but in this case, i just felt plain old blah.... i must incorporate some more veggies and berries in my diet...asap

Loving...J.Crew and Anthro spring....Spring Spring Spring said the robin (excerpt from 'Home For a Bunny'---childhood book) the weather has been outrageously lovely. Finally!!! after the longest and coldest winter ever. (but i think we say that every year)

Trying....to take a vacation somewhere. I just want to be in water and warm. and have my hun and favorite mini-gal with me.

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