where for art thou Lula.....

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can't seem to find the latest Lula anywhere....

(insert sadface)


  1. hey girl!
    i am wonderful, how are you??
    it looks like you are keeping busy and i am sure with your sweet lil' chloe- you don't ever get a break! have you gotten a chance to see mrs. ginny b stelling since she has been back in ATL?? when i come to visit i will certainly let you know- i would love to see you.

  2. p.s. i'll be on the lookout for a lula here in nyc.

  3. Busy is my name indeed...Chloe is a doll but a very talkative and energetic one. I haven't been able to see Ginny yet, which must change very soon. And yes please let me know when you visit i would love to see you as well. I am suppose to visit the city a few times over the next couple of months for trade shows. Not sure if i will have a morsel of time for non-work related fun, but i will definitely keep in touch.

    A bientot mon chere