What I'd love to....

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(Remember when we stopped by the road and you pick me sunflowers...)

Taste...a red velvet cupcake, success, food from that Milanese restaurant from 4 years ago, kisses

Hear...people speaking Italian (since I have started reading Eat,Pray, Love I have been fascinated by the lovely language esp the phrase:
Attraversiamo---Let's Cross Over; pure magic) Moon River from my original Breakfast at Tiffany's vinyl scored at Kudzu), random French women shopping at Anthropologie on their lunch lusting after a new coat or everything.

See...him and Chloe Monroe playing on the floor, the Louis Vuitton store in Paris with the retrospective mannequins (just to breathe the LV air....inhale....exhale), the Eiffel Tower, the J.Crew style closet, the Rachel Zoe Project, my big (R-KI-TEKT) order completed magically.

Smell...Coco Mademoiselle, Chloe, freshly baked snickerdoodle and chocolate chip cookies, pillows.

Touch...the clouds, the beaches of Nice, my heavy stack of Vogues and Elle that I have no time to flip through. The recent Lula; still haven't found it


  1. I'm reading this while listening to BossaNova music.
    Your words suddenly become the most sensuous and romantic my eyes can see. . . .

  2. How magical! Thank you for YOUR kind words