i need your help!!! Vote!!!

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ok, you're not seeing double. I'm not repeating a post in the same day.
but picture the owl mask above....or something that looks like it

Now help me make a decision on which dress to choose for my Flappin Hooter
costume for halloween from the previous post
(scroll down or click here to see)

Should i go with A....and be a dark owl (picture gold n black mask)

or B: short and kind-of sassy metallic-y beige number
or C: the jelly fish sequin covered XL dress

don't know how many of y'all read my blog,
but i could sure use your help if you happen to read this!
Either you guys choose or my 2year old mini will choose and if that happens
I might end up being a pirate...and Mama does not really want to be a pirate if you catch me
Just leave your vote in the comments.

Thanks a TON!!!