elle n'est pas morte

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1. she is not dead
2. she is dying
3. she is completely nude
4.she is on a busy street
5. she is on a busy street in which, obviously people see her.

I am not one to get heavily political, but there is a lot of attachment to this photo.
This is a Haitian woman. I am a Haitian-American woman (Haitian-Cuban-Bahamian to be specific). I have been to this country several times and have fallen in love with it, granted i was behind the iron gates of my grand-pere's home. Aside from being genetically linked to this country, i am simply a human that has a beating heart and it is enraged at that fact that i have very little control of this situation captured in this photo. I want to pick her up and wrap her in a blanket...and everyone just walked right passed her.
If it is not too much to ask....
Give thanks for your abilities, then pray for their inabilities.

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