may all your next steps be golden

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I have never been so excited to leave a year behind...
This has been a year chock full of shock, tragedy, comebacks
building-ups, hugs, and resurfaced smiles.
I truly hope 2011 is grand in love and a lot less sadness and loss.

As for thanks,
1)I am thankful for my ever strong family for ALWAYS being what
a family should be. Advising, loving, and supportive
no matter what.

2)This outlet. Calling it a blog would not be giving it the credit it deserves for serving
to me a portal to beauty, inspiration, talented artist, writer, re-posters,
and lovers of random pretty things.
When i started this blog 2+ years ago,
i never expected to "need to blog". I have used this as venting space
and discovered a plethora of like-minded people from across the world.
and i am indeed very grateful for every dose of lovely.

3) my love finally moved here. to be honest, in the back, front and side of my mind, i thought i
would have been married by the end of this year. my heart wanted that. but logically it didn't make sense. the hun and i have been together for roughly 4 years. for 3 of those years we were in a long distance relationship. (which should be illegal)
there were times where we couldn't allow ourselves to be consumed by the idea and thought of forever.
We have since gotten stronger as a couple and as a family, as opposed individually.
I am so thankful for his level of tolerance, because i am indeed an emotional piece of work.
a wreck at times, i will admit.
But he has loved me through it all.

4) Friends that pick up the phone no matter what. The friends that know that something is wrong by the way you said 'hello'. the friends that are out for your best interest---uplifting you to be a stronger woman.
love you ladies!

5) Legacy
I love you Papa

Have yourself a grand New Year!
Please be safe!

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