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apparently over the course of four years
I fell in love with a man that is
completely and utterly comfortable
with being the only one on the dance floor.
I never was the first one to get out there and
start the party but there were days/night
where he and i would tear it up...
I don't want to make excuses for self
I think through all the changes that have occurred since
our hayday
(pregnancy, heartbreak, make up, maturation, etc...)
my spotlight dance moves
have faded into a mere
lightening bug flicker of a knee-bop and a few arm raising
(kinda like an open-handed fist-pump)
aka not enough to cut it.
So I want to dig through the stresses of bills, pull-ups, poop and goldfish crackers
9-5 work, 5-10 business building and everything else
to find the me that once was
free to be and do and go where ever the wind wishes...
so for my resolution for the new year
it will be to dance a WHOLE LOT more,
with the love of my life,
with myself while I'm vacuuming and cooking,
and just needing to

(And thank you hun for always being my mirror and reminding me that i need to remember to just friggin have fun)

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  1. well this made me cry. your hun definitely has some sweet, sweet dance moves. y'all are beautiful together. i heart y'all :)

    you looked so stinkin' adorable at the rue party, btw. i'm really glad you came!