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im "going natural"

what does that mean?
no more chemical processing to straighten my hair.

A little while ago Sesame Street did the
"I love my hair" skit. Around the same time,
Willow Smith released, "Whip My Hair".(jammin)
I didn't know that a 10 year old and a muppet would have such an impact on my
own self image.
But when a 2 year old miniature version of myself is perched on my hip
i am always pulled back to reality.

My daughter has a head full of huge gorgeous curls
(almost bigger than she is)
and i love her exactly the way she is
bubbly, wide-eyed, and untamed.
About a month ago, she took a small fistful of Mardi Gras beads and
wrapped them around her "poofy pony".
(a poof that I worked hard to slick back)
She did this to "whip her hair back n forth"
Adorable at the moment? Yes.
But eye opening soon after.

There is a strange complex for women of color and their hair.
To have longer, controlled or "good" hair aka relaxed or easily tamed
-- is what is socially preferred.
Having kinks, coils, and twists tends to go against the grain.
Believe it or not I overheard other 2 year old little girls in her class say, "Wow Chloe! You have good hair!! or Wow! Your hair is long!"
Crazy observation from a 2 year old, but they emulate what they are taught not by society, but by the women they are surrounded by.
I never want Chloe to think that beauty comes from your ability to whip your hair,
roll your hips, pump up your breast, or take a shots with your belly button.
I just want her to have the comfort with herself, her natural self, to love every bit, kink, or quirk that is packaged in that fruit snack-filled body of hers.

Mommyhood is one heck of a job i must say.


(oh here she is by the way...i don't believe i've ever posted her on the blog)

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