Im not getting married until....

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BHLDN launches....

I have been trying to sit still and patient
while waiting for Anthro to catch on and finally they have.

A few months ago they announced that they would be entering the
love business (the best business there is) and grant us
lovey dovey artsy-fartsy gals' wishes
by making our eclectic fairytales weddings come true....

(i'm tearing up because the swoon bug has bitten me)

Oh Joy! was one of the blessed bloggers to visit the BHLDN sneak peek
and is gracious enough to share here sitings with the rest of us swoon-ettes.
Above is Part 1 of the photos she captured.
Yup! That's right!
I said Part 1, which means there is more.
(I will be one of those refreshing her browser page
every hour waiting for the next posting.)

Until then, Enjoy mon cheres!!!

A bientot et bisous!


  1. Amazing!!! Someday we will be those ladies Anthro is calling on! ;) Until then, I am so happy we get the inside scoop! xo Samantha