Part 2 is Here!! Part 2 Is Here!!!!!!

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I am so excited about the BHLDN launch that i ran home to
gush to the hun about how much this is going to "effect" "our" aka my life!!!
Then, i gushed to the mother about how perfect this timing is.
(oh, im ahead of myself. No, im not engaged, but the hun and i are on our
merry way to lockin-n-loadin this love)
Imagine: What if i would have gotten married last year?? before the launch of BHLDN??? I would had to have a complete do over.

So OHJOY! has, yet again provided us with the inside scoop and a peek into the life of a lucky gal, with part two of the BHLDN sneak peek. Yummy textures, and ruffles, and sweet lil' cupcakes too.


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