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I have expressed my love for nail art once before (here)
I truly think it is an amazing form of artistic expression.
During my visit to China a few months ago, I got to eye up close
drool worthy digits that were as ornate as a Parisian carousel.
Now that US has been slightly bitten by the color bug
beauty lines are carrying TONS of awesome shades that
tickles everyone's fancy....
(we will see how long it lasts...hopefully fahevah!)

(Its kinda a long post but yummy none the less)

for the
"Did you see the documentary on Keets Saturday night??

for the
"Angelina Darker years were her hotter years"

OPI-Matte vs. Gloss
(Sorry don't know the exact shades)

for the
"My couch was made in the 70s and the pillows i embroidered myself"

OPI-Ski Til We Drop

for the
"Girls??! Let take a trip to Kate Spade this afternoon for a quick pick me up" !!!" lass
Essie-Cute As a Button

for the
"He said we would always be together to ride tandem bikes!!
Now I need a pint of mint chocolate chip double fudge asap!!!"

Hope you were inspired....

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