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To be honest....
I am not impressed by Rihanna's live performances as of late.
When she first entered the industry I recall her presenting on an awards show, and she sang a little diddly.
It was great...young...acceptable all around...

but her live performances recently have fallen quite flat for me.
Pitchy and uninventive
Don't get me wrong, I want to feel like the only girl in the world too and what's my name get's stuck in my head for far too long.
(looove Rude Boy---Caribbean's represent)

All this aside, the girl has "IT".
Yes, you know that je ne sais quoi the industry always says another girl has every 2 months.
And this cover is so remarkably stunning and definitely lights a torch...
(reminds me of the Little Mermaid----the movie that made me fall in love with red heads at the age of 4. Yeeeess that means I wrapped a red towel/shirt/skirt/tights anything around my head and pretended i had a treasure trove under the kitchen table. Don't act like you didn't do the same thing)

I hope the issue lives up to the cover....
Happy Reading!

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