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So you have heard me counting down until my
marriage day...(4 days if you didn't know)
but what i haven't been counting down to is the actual ceremony day.
September 17, 2011.
Approximately 109 days
Along with all the calendar tally's have been the moans & groan of
teensy weensy budget.

So to calm the storm that is wedding planning i doing this the hard way:

The Penny Pincher's Way

What does this consist of you ask??

1)My dress originally belonged to my grandmother and was dubbed a nightgown=$0
(i have been keeping it protected for a few years and stumbled upon it a few weeks ago et voila!!)

2)drinking tons of Starbucks Carmel Frapps a la glass bottles---these will be used all around as vases for flowers=$1 a glass (getting sam's club packs asap)
(if you would like to donate any clear glass bottles (wine, juice, jars, etc email me at rkitekt.kc@gmail.com)

3)Etsy is not only the home of my shoppe, but i truly love the artists that are housed there. This will be the source of my themed invitations=$75

4) keeping the party "humble": Yes i would love Carnival to be a representation of our reception, but honestly, that just ain't happening.
keeping the guest list to the most-loved as opposed to lengthy will allow me to buy groceries afterwards.

5) lots and lots of hot glue sticks=$6 per bag

and most importantly

6) using my ridiculously awesome family to build this ship=$0

i will be keeping a log full of my DIY's as the decoration prep begins

Stay Tuned!!


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