H O W 2: Beaded Bracelet

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There is nothing more gratifying than a deal!!
being able to create a $200 piece for $5
is beyond a deal

It's a steal
(yes i know that was predictable and corny....anywhoooo)

Stephanie over at Henry Happened takes us through the
of making this lovely charm for far less than $200.

All you need is about 3 yards of ribbon and 2 dozen gold beads. I, of course, went with purple but any color would look great.

Cut the ribbon into 3 equal lengths. Start by braiding about 6 inches of ribbon and then secure the end with a rubber band. Anchor the end with something heavy to hold in it place.

Start braiding in the beads by feeding the ball onto the middle strand and then tightly braiding the other two strands around it. Continue feeding beads onto the middle strand until you run out (I had about 25) or until there’s about 6 inches of ribbon left.

Finish with another 6 inches or so of braiding. Then clamp the ends with ribbon fasteners or just tie it in a knot.

It looks great as a bracelet or a necklace!

Hope you enjoy making your very own piece of lovely!

Miss Kelly

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