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H A P P Y H O W T O - T U E S D A Y

all you Lovelies!!!
I hope you all had a fantastically restful Labor Day!
I wanted to kick off the week with a How To!
Fall is on the way, which means Fall cleaning is too.
Instead of purchasing additional things to holiday-ize your home,
repurpose the things that you may have stuck in the corner, attic, closet or under the bed.

Ashley Ann
Under The Sycamore
discovered the swoontasticness of these
Anthropologie light fixtures

but like me frowned at the price
so how does one create their own Anthro-esque fixture?

Ashley Ann's Ah-Ha moment came while rocking her daughter to sleep.
don't fret! You don't need mini in order to complete this project all you need is:

*A Black Wire Basket
*spray paint
*a metal outlet cover
(to connect to the pendant)

*a pendant light

Step 1: Cut off basket handles and bottom middle wire (to center pendant)

Step 2: Spray paint basket and outlet cover. My basket had a bit of red on it.

Step 3: Adhere outlet cover to bottom inside of basket. I used Liquid Nails, but any strong glue would work. Since the outlet cover is on the inside of the basket the glue will not be used for strength just keeping the cover and basket in place.

Step 4: Turn basket over for glue to dry

Step 5: Add weight on top of outlet cover while glue drys

Step 6: Spray paint it all

Step 7: Connect it to the pendant light (which is already hanging…I don’t have instructions for that. You can follow the ones that come with the light)

Et Voila!!!

Your very own Anthro-esque wire light fixture!
(That didn't set you back $150)

I hope you have been inspired!!!

If you have any How to's/DIY projects/Before & After's
that you would love to share
inbox me at


Miss Kelly

***note: this project is not my project. point of discovery occurred here***

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