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I for one do not have the moolah that will allow me to
wear all J.Crew, head-to-toe, for an entire week. but
let's imagine that I did and I just so happened to be
best friends with Jenna Lyons
(we ARE last name twins---duh!)
and she wanted me to rock everything from SS12
just because.....


a great outfit for treasure hunting outside of the city.
Stop in a cute cafe along the way and chat up the barista.


Mondays are the hardest...Meetings,
Emails, luncheons, conference calls....
nothing makes it better than a hefty dose of
pink on red!


A little limoncello to keep the day cheery....


It's called "hump" day,
not frump day....
keep the magic going and hang in there, Friday is on the way.


Love the electricity in this shade of pink.
Especially when paired with the turquoise

shoes and cobalt bag.


If we were allowed to do jeans, I would sooooo
reinterpret this while we still have a little dose of 80 degree
weather left.


This is perfect for a lunch & shopping date with mom!

Great Fantasy huh???
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