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Happy Holidays all!!!

So, I am on a mucho budget due to the wedding planning so
many of the gifts this year were handmade.
For my office buddies, I made Hot Cocoa Jars and Ornaments that
acted as gift wrap.

I will walk you through the steps to how I took
that dust collecting book
made magic.

Old Manilla papered book that you will probably never read
Elmer's spray adhesive
Glue Stick
Martha Stewart Glitter of choice

Not Pictured:
sticky lint roller to pick up the glitter & paper afterward.

Open the book to a page that will suit you.
(It would have been great if this was a holiday book instead of Agatha Christie)
Run down the center seam of the book with an exacto blade to get
a clean cut, as opposed to tearing.

Accordion Fold a single sheet.
Scrunch the sheet and fold in half.

Tie the folded accordion in the middle with the twine.
Snip the long ends of the twine, but not too close to the knot
so it doesn't unravel.

Take scissors through the loop made by the fold
Round the cut the ends or create a point.
Fancy edge shears would be fun too.

Locate and separate end sheets into quarters and adhere with
glue stick or the trusty ol' hot glue.

Once all points are adhered and pulled,
your pinwheel will be formed.
Then, Shalack with fine grain glitter using the spray adhesive
(Be sure to lay out newspaper, or you'll ruin your table)

Part Deux!!!!
Mini Chartreuse Trees!

these were suppose to be green glitter trees, but with the move i misplaced

my glitter paper, so I had to be resourceful.

The Heavens opened up and shown a light down on an old J.Crew Crewcuts bag.

(which i heart specifically because of its chartreuse lining)
This makes for just the right amount of quirk that still reflects my style & personality, but is not too "out there" for the receiver of the gift.
Try other pops like hot pink snowflakes or Aqua reindeers.

Using a triangle paper puncher,
I took the stiff board used at the bottom of the bag

to make little trees
I layered the trees
(plain and glitter sandwich)

Place a dollop of hot glue on the tree and place it in the center of the Pinwheel.

Et Voila!!!
Place wherever.
In this case I wrapped them around Hot Cocoa Jars.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and your holidays are made bright!

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