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Happy New Year All!!!
If you're reading this, lets give a lil whoop whoop to making it this far.
No, we may not have accomplished EVERYTHING we set out to do in 2011, but
hey, you were given another year to give it another shot.
So, if you're like me,

*Lets lay of the perfectly thawed ice cream sandwiches and throw in a little
greenery on the plate (besides broccoli).

*Lets stop driving 80mph passed the gym because you feel like the trainer you interviewed with is going to kick you in the tail the next time you walk in.

*Lets chill the heck out a schmidge and stop worrying about every friggin thing under the sun.

*Get up and dance!

*Those pile of clothes, papers, crafting supplies and shoes, yeah...lets get those a home. An organized home.

*And every dollar you receive, lets stop putting it in J.Crew's, Target's, Anthropologie's purse and lets put in toward the wedding or dance lessons or the new camera that you've been whining about to the hub.

*And finally lets seek actual and tangible and life changing pleasures.
(Yes I know going on Pinterest for a solid 2 hours may be thrilling, but I'm sorry this does not and can not and will not ever count)
(I know thumbs down)

*Brighten up, Lighten Up!---have a bit more fun with my wardrobe. Change out that Taupe for a Tickled Pink or Coral. Switch out the Navy for an electric cobalt blue.  And for goodness sake slap on some lip color---all of them until you find your smile magic! 

To all those that have stuck with ATD & (R-KI-TEKT), I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I hope to bring you nothing but lovelies through these portals and
a few swoons here and there.

So, Cheers to the years passed and this one arriving!

Happy New Year!


Miss Kelly

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