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so i said to my husband yesterday.
"Hun...I want some new friends..."

(DISCLAIMER: in case you are one of my bestest's reading this, i am not tired of you and i love you to the moon and beyond)

He gave me a look as if i was nuts and said,
"Aren't the ones you currently have great?"
And they are each fantastic.
But, I Love meeting new people and I feel as though I am missing that part of life
while cooped up all day livin the cube life.
I love that first spark that occurs when you both realize you are obsessed with oreos and peanut butter or have the same birthday or that sewing is a spiritual experience for you too.
That was one of the best parts of being a shop girl way back when.

I have been wanting to collaborate more and meet new guys and gals that
have the same passions as I do.
A Passion for Traveling.
A Passion for creating...Anything....
(except hate & sadness---i feel like i need to be specific)

A love of blogging
Swoon hard for pretty things
a thirst for discovering something grand and lovely.

As one of my 2012 Things to Do, I will make an effort to meet new and awesome people.

(Its kind of starting to sound like a personals ad for a relationship, but i guess that kinda sorta what it is.
hmmmm well, c'est la vie!)


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