H O W-T O: S C A R V E S

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If you are one of the people that i see daily, you know that i do not leave the house
without a scarf. They are seriously the perfect accessory.
Now, I know i have professed all my lovin for shoes, but scarves do something that shoes
They Transform!
and the video above proves this.
All you need is a strong foundation.

A Chunky, Knit
A petite silk
A Long Silk
A Large Square silk
And of last but not at all the least
A Cotton Silk Blend.

But I myself am not opposed to poly-blends for a quick trend nod, but have
found it worth it to put down an extra penny for an accessory that keeps me coziest and limp free!
Especially in the Cube (dun dun duuuun).

And they come in a variety of yumminess!!!!

(click photo to link)

Happy Wrapping!!!!


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