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Hi there lovelies...
I hope your week has been great.
As always there has been tons going on. 
My schedule is forever full with the same of the same...
Being a Mother, Wife, Designer, Friend, Cook, Maid, Story reader, Bather, Cuddler and about 1000 more roles that honestly I love, but can become tricky and exhausting. 

Early this week my mini, Chloe Monroe who is now 4 years old
said, "Mommy, I don't want my hair anymore.  I want hair like Ally's."
Now I am not just saying this because i popped her out, but Chloe 
seriously has B-EAUTIFUL huge, curly hair. 
Ally is a Caucasian little girl in Chloe's class. 

Le Sigh..... 

I don't want to generalize this topic by saying that all AA women have this complex at some point in their lives but it is quite common. 
As a little girl, I often looked at my, then, huge curly hair and
wished for long red hair 
(like Ariel from The Little Mermaid). 
Back then there weren't a million products that could help tame the mane. 
There weren't dancing muppets on Sesame Street that looked like me, 
loving and whippin their hair.
But now, there are aisles full of custards, online videos of curly Q's,  and an additional Disney princess for me and my mini to relate to. 
But, it still takes teaspoons more for the acceptance and eventual love to stick. 
Motherhood continues to test my whits and wisdom in magically complicated ways.
And I wouldn't trade it for the moon and stars.  
So my response to this rocky topic was to head to Youtube to show her the 
" I love my hair" video
head to the long aisle of custards to pick up product to make her curls shine and proceed to dig through my bin of scarves to create a cape for my superhero.
As mothers of little girls, we have such a responsibility to instill confidence in our mini's even at 4 years old. 

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