Happy Monday

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Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!!
There are so many yummy things in store for the next couple weeks that I can't want to share with you. But, patience is a virtue...
(that's what I tell myself when i see overly priced lovelies that aren't on sale yet) 

Mother's day was lovely and full of mommy time. 
Saturday my cousins, who are more like my sisters, and I cooked brunch for our mothers.
I used my sweet new Caphalon Waffle maker. That thing is fool proof, even for the burn-prone cooks like myself.  
Then Sunday my mother came to our home to wedding prep and watch basketball as le hub cooked.
I took a nap twice this weekend which was actually on the top of my gift list. 

Also, much thanks for all positive feedback from the Gap Styldby ads for Rue Magazine
Still on the pinch-me cloud. 

If you haven't checked it out yet, tip toe on ovah here!

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