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my heart lies in the south of France...
During my schooling, I ventured over to Europe to study abroad for one quarter. 
Our campus was located in Lacoste, France. A town made up of 
mountains that housed carved out dwellings, an old quarry, and much history from the Protestant/Catholic "wars" which lead to tons of ghost stories which lead to hours upon hours of 
me watching The Notebook in order to fall asleep.
When I was introduced to L'Atelier Des Cousines, I was instantly transported back to my 
days in Lacoste.  Visiting old printing studios carrying that same history.  Decades of mastered technique in the center of lavender robed fields.

Inspired by the textiles used for antique wool mattresses, these Barcelona made pieces boast with stories of the places once visited. The combination of 
ethnic prints and bold color are everything hoped for when longing for referential home decor.  

To see more of Cristina and Elisabet's collection, visit their shoppe here

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