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The weight of the month of July is finally off my back!
and boy I couldn't be more at peace. 
The wedding bells have rung and the emotions and grief have settled
and now I am taking a moment for me....
not sure what I will do to celebrate the new found freedom of 
my kitchen table, but it has to be more glorious than 
indulging in the left over wine.
it has got to be. 
I really just want to indulge in some heavy redesign in (R-KI-TEKT)
and I just simply need to clean the house which has a coating of glitter that might take Mr. Clean himself to remove. 

Nonetheless, the wedding was lovely and went off without a hitch
(well, none worth stressing over anyways) 
Can't wait to share the photos with you all.
And maybe even a few DIY's and advice.
 Stay tuned. 

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