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with all the curve-balls that life has thrown at me over the years, 
both great and unexpected, I am always left wondering....
what's next?
getting older and having to be more responsible causes the questions of when and how
to constantly co-exist in the same sentences.
How are we going to get our house?
Will it be like the daydream we always shared?
When will we have time to take a vacation?
what is my work situation going to me in the next year and will it be something I am not only proud of, but happy doing?
questions, questions, questions...
many un-knotted answers. 
do you ever feel like the world is just spinning around you and you are a mere speck 
barely existing in it? Always trying to find ways to prove your existence...
trying to shout louder, dance harder, be better, get more... 
all while seemingly trying to love yourself more but in turn feeling unfulfilled?

there has got to be more to this life 
than this....

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