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I ran across Clarabelle and saw her post on
18 things I want now inspired by
the Thought Catalog
and thought I would give it a shot.
So to piggyback, here is my churn out of a
few of my lustings & longings.

1. For (R-KI-TEKT) to take off to the point where I can treat and spoil it like the 
baby it is.

2. To find the perfect pair of gold shoes-preferably thick-heeled maryjanes
that aren't the cost of monthly rent.

3. A lovely set of gals to craft, dance, gab and sip with like the college days.

4. For all my design post it's to clear up and become real. The world would be much more 
shiny and colorful that way. But I'm working on this so stay tuned.

5. To go to a job that doesn't feel like work, where drinking champagne everyday is normal and
cupcakes, jelly belly's, with healthy lunches are a regular. 

6. For the weather to be crisp like the cusp of Summer & Autumn. Perfection.

7. To learn how to play the acoustic guitar.

8. Stress less

9. To Dye my hair a fantastic indigo.

10. To take the mini to break dance/hip hop dance classes.

11. For everyday to be as exciting as a Friday.

12. To have more time and resources to blog the way I want.

13. For traffic in Atlanta to die down and out. Back to school season is crazy.

14. A great, color rich, semi-structured handbag. Patent Leather. Not big enough to be called a tote, but can carry all my randomness.

15. to go to a dance party that is not at the club.  I think I am over that scene and am just looking for
sincerely fun people and memories.

16. mini Lyons round 2 ....i think

17. a studio: with a white desk with a beautifully large Mac for blogging & a large work table for creating 3-D magic and making messes.

18. For my house to be cleaned and organized.

Now, tag you're it! Play along! 
I would love to know your hearts desires.
or more specifically 18 of them.




  1. Perfect gold shoes that don't cost the same as monthly rent!!! LOL! Very funny. And yes, I wish the same :(

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  2. This is wonderful! I definitely agree with the dance party thing...not a huge fan of the club scene, but a rad dance party with some amazing friends would be fantastic x