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 So if you follow me or have liked my page
you have had ample time to prep for today's Discover Beauty.
But for those of you that don't, 
(all is forgiven) 
you may want to hustle up and grab your nose plugs or
clothes pins for this round.

Yup, today we are busting out the oozie of the
natural skincare world.
Apple Cider Vinegar--In honor of autumn
If you have never worked with or used this product before, 
your first exposure to its scent will have you 
(and the rest of the household occupants) 
running for a bucket.
This is definitely one of those routines that goes in the 
"home alone on Saturday night" pile along with
chick-scaping and singing The Cranberries.
So take a deep breath of fresh air and jump:

Now the waiting begins. 
For Sensitive skin leave the mask on for 5-10 mins.
For Normal Skin tough it out for 15-20 mins.
You will begin to feel your skin pulsate and tighten.
Go vacuum, unload the dryer, give yourself a quick pedicure
until your time is up.

If you often lose track of time, no worries. 
You will know you are well baked when it becomes increasingly difficult 
to crack a smile or yawn with complete satisfaction
 Plus, the proof is in the crackled mask

Simply wash the mask off with warm water. 
A soft mini towel helps get off 
the caked on areas, but wipe gently to prevent irritation. 
Your skin should be firm and refreshed.
Apply a light-weight moisturizer and you're off!  

Side Note and Forewarning:
Your skin will be slightly red from the tightening, so make sure
you give yourself ample time between the treatment and running errands.  
You don't want to prematurely scare little kids. 
Halloween is next week after all
(reminds me of when Samantha got a peel on SATC) 

Got some GLAM "in process" beauty shots of your own? 
Share the wealth! Snap a pic of yourself and 
share it on Instagram #discoverbeauty
Lets all have chuckle together!



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