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So I have had the passed couple of days off from my CubeLife and
oh how much it was needed. 
I got the chance to clean my home, my closet, refrigerator,& most importantly my mind. 
With the fast paced and far-forecasted nature of my job I rarely get a mental break
and opportunity to refocus my priorities with my home life and (r-ki-tekt). 
I usually come home, cook, work on new pretty things, then crash.
But Friday morning I had time to actually wake up naturally and pray and welcome the day
without cursing out the drivers of Atlanta. I got to launch the newbies and eat a 
healthy calm, email-free breakfast which was grand.

All in all I am forcing myself to remember to prioritize and make it mandatory to 
partake in the thing that make my heart and soul happy on a consistent basis.
I hope you lovelies out there do the same. 
Have a Happy Tuesday.

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